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In Search of Poppies

Poppies & Rye, County Carlow

Poppies and Ireland are two things that I would not have paired.  Yet, I started to notice images of poppies in my news feeds a couple of years ago.  Not a lot, but enough to catch my attention.  I would find myself thinking ……

Ireland in December

Along the Wicklow Gap, County Wicklow

Thinking about traveling to Ireland in December? Wondering what it is really like? While I am not an expert, I can share what I have found from my two trips in south County Tipperary (2012) and County Wicklow (2014). The Weather. The published average…

Weather – A Frequent Topic of Conversation

Glenmalure, County Wicklow

As I traveled through County Wicklow a couple of days ago, I thought – now I understand why everyone talks about the weather in Ireland … constantly.  I was driving in high winds and horizontal rain. However, it was also necessary to wear sunglasses…

50 Reasons Why I Return to Ireland

Powerscourt Estate, Enniskerry, County Wicklow

People no longer ask me if I am returning to Ireland, but when. The number of raised eyebrows regarding the frequency of my visits has also slowed. In reality, I am not any different than most people in that if you find something that you really,…

Flora vs. Stone

On the Walls of Reefert Church, Glendalough, County Wicklow

I am obsessed.  The first time I noticed “Flora vs Stone” was December 2012. I was unprepared (and happy) for green grass in South Tipperary. It caught my attention immediately. But, what I was truly captivated by was the moss. It was everywhere … roads,…

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