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Newbridge Silverware, Newbridge, County Kildare

Three days left and I am back to this summer’s dilemma … No gifts. In fact, I was planning on completing some Christmas shopping. As of this moment, I have my sweater and socks. I also bought three skeins of yarn; it allowed me… Continue Reading “Newbridge Silverware, Newbridge, County Kildare”

St John’s Church and Mortuary Chapel, Tubrid, County Tipperary

St John's Church

I have been amazed daily by the weather.  We started the day with sunshine and beautiful, blue skies.  By the time we stopped in Tubrid, the day had turned grey and it looked like it could rain any minute.  It also gave a ‘foreboding’… Continue Reading “St John’s Church and Mortuary Chapel, Tubrid, County Tipperary”

The Car II

This is for those that want to know about the ‘car’. One of the best memories we have from June is the ugly orange BMW. We were expecting one that was old and full of dents; definitely not orange. This time around … not… Continue Reading “The Car II”

Newcastle, County Tipperary

As I was heading out to the market in Newcastle, both fog and clouds were beginning to break over the Knockmealdown Mountains. As I drove down the road, I pulled over a few times to take pictures. — Once in Newcastle, there was a… Continue Reading “Newcastle, County Tipperary”

Returning to Ireland

Yes… I am returning to Ireland. I had a wonderful time this summer. If I could use one word to describe June, I would use “saw”. As my vacation wound down, I simply felt like I wasn’t finished. Sara and I saw A LOT!… Continue Reading “Returning to Ireland”

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