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St Declan’s Cathedral, Ardmore, County Waterford

After traipsing through church ruins, muddy paths and centuries-old graveyards, as well as the history lessons, I decided that I wanted to explore more of the same. So, Sunday I loaded up and headed towards Ardmore. The big decision is the best way to… Continue Reading “St Declan’s Cathedral, Ardmore, County Waterford”

Molough Abbey, Moloughnewtown, County Tipperary

a couple miles from Newcastle, County Tipperary is a monastery that was founded in the 6th century and was dedicated to St Brigid, an Irish saint. The buildings date to the 13th century. As we walked around, the enclosed layout showed multiple buildings, including… Continue Reading “Molough Abbey, Moloughnewtown, County Tipperary”

Shanrahan Cemetery, Clogheen, County Tipperary

Shanrahan :: Church

My day of abbeys, monasteries and churches continues to be one of surprises.  We stayed within an eight-to-ten mile radius of the Ardfinnan area; I think Louise could have continued on with these historical ‘nuggets.’  I continued to be amazed at the number of… Continue Reading “Shanrahan Cemetery, Clogheen, County Tipperary”

Tullaghmelan Church, County Tipperary

Around a bend or two in the road and tight local roads from Molough Abbey, we pulled over on a small patch of grass and parked. Louise was excited to show me this place, but from where I was looking, I could not see… Continue Reading “Tullaghmelan Church, County Tipperary”

A Day of Abbeys, Churches and Holy Wells

I was given another gift today. During my trip to Jerpoint Park, I met Louise Nugent. An Archeologist; her research focus is on Pilgrimages in Medieval Ireland. Therefore, she is very knowledgeable in medieval parishes, abbeys, etc.  Today, she offered to show me some… Continue Reading “A Day of Abbeys, Churches and Holy Wells”

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