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Weather – A Frequent Topic of Conversation

Glenmalure, County Wicklow

As I traveled through County Wicklow a couple of days ago, I thought – now I understand why everyone talks about the weather in Ireland … constantly.  I was driving in high winds and horizontal rain. However, it was also necessary to wear sunglasses…

The Car V.3

This trip I ordered a compact.  The ads usually give you an example as a Ford Focus for a mid-size. But the cars have actually been a bit bigger.  It isn’t the driving that I find difficult, it is the parking.  Or as Eileen calls…

The Car II

This is for those that want to know about the ‘car’. One of the best memories we have from June is the ugly orange BMW. We were expecting one that was old and full of dents; definitely not orange. This time around … not…

The Car and Driving II

I was born to drive on the left side of the road! I am getting it. After a couple of days, I am no longer having to chant ‘left, left, left’. I am reading the road signs better … I probably shouldn’t admit this,…

The Car and Driving

When I would mention that we are going to be driving around Ireland, I have often received a curious look, closely followed by … You do know they drive on the ‘wrong’ side of the road. It is usually more of a statement than…

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