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Dingle Peninsula County Kerry

Along the Peninsula

As I skimmed tour books before the trip, most directed you towards Ring of Kerry. So when we discussing possible places to visit, our B&B host was comfortable enough to ask … Why does everyone want to go to the Ring Kerry? I explained…

Dingle, County Kerry

Dingle :: Town Centre

Dingle … Eileen was as right. Dingle was a dream, although we weren’t there long. It is the type of town that you think you would find in Ireland. Located inland on the Dingle Peninsula, it is positioned on the water’s edge.The town is…

Tralee, County Kerry

We stopped in Tralee on our way to Dingle. We didn’t stay long. We found that primary church and started there. We also headed towards the city centre; i was still looking for that elusive Irish linen. Okay, I have a confession. We probably…

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