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St Patricks Holy Well, Clonmel, County Tipperary

A single signpost points towards St Patrick’s Holy Well along R665. I have driven along this route a few times and noticed the signpost the other day. When Louise talked about it, I expected a small well; a partially covered natural spring. Instead, I was greeted…

Tobar Losa (The Well of Jesus), Clonmel, County Tipperary

Once the holy wells and their importance was explained, I began to see them on a daily basis. Some are well marked; others have a small sign that is easy to miss. The holy well, Tobar Losa or ‘Jesus Well’ does not have a…

A Day of Abbeys, Churches and Holy Wells

I was given another gift today. During my trip to Jerpoint Park, I met Louise Nugent. An Archeologist; her research focus is on Pilgrimages in Medieval Ireland. Therefore, she is very knowledgeable in medieval parishes, abbeys, etc.  Today, she offered to show me some…

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